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Norio Shiraishi, President
Benefit One Inc.

Embracing the Challenge of Building the Service Distribution Business

Benefit One strives to bring excitement and joy to people’s lives based on a corporate philosophy of “making good things cheaper and more convenient.”

The market for distributing physical goods is maturing. However, the service industry is relatively young and “immature,” and distribution methods and infrastructure are underdeveloped. The service industry is also characterized by frequent disparities between demand and supply. Such gaps between customers and service providers occur during the ebb and flow of busy periods, creating missed opportunities for both sides.

Benefit One addresses this situation by creating a new “service distribution” market. We match customers’ desire for discounts (demand) with service providers’ desire to attract customers (supply) through subscription-based websites that users pay to access. We will continue drawing on the strength of the user subscription-based business model we have cultivated in our benefit business to build up the service distribution business. In the process, we aim to deliver more “excitement.”

Environment Surrounding the Labor Market

Throughout Japan, labor shortages are growing more pronounced. Companies are striving to address the situation by raising employee productivity and increasing employee engagement. Other common management themes are equal pay for equal work, health and productivity management, and work style reform. These socioeconomic trends are boon for business process outsourcing (BPO), a mainstay business of the Benefit One Group that centers on employee benefits, health, and membership points.

Environment Surrounding Service Distribution

Many factors are causing changes in the ways services are used and provided, as well as in consumers’ purchasing behavior. These factors include technological innovations brought about by the so-called “4th Industrial Revolution” (IoT, big data, and AI), the increasing use of subscription-based services, and the sharing of inventory information as online reservations increase. These changes benefit our Group, which promotes the distribution of services over the Internet, providing more opportunities for “making good things cheaper and more convenient.”